Based in Bahrain, serving the region.

  • About us

    Who are we?

    Spark City (Gulf) is headquartered in Bahrain, primarily a solution provider of integrated systems, related to road safety, traffic control, traffic signals, detection, enforcement, parking guidance/management and waste management systems.


    Spark City (Gulf) continues to be the bridge between authorities, private companies and international reputable suppliers, being able to use local knowledge to bridge the gap, providing authorities the latest technology available at competitive prices.


    Our approach includes putting in the effort to design and execute projects for both private and public entities. Using the experience of our partners, Spark City (Gulf) has been able to identify outdated practices, moreover been able to bring new strategies and technologies to the attention of the decision makers, making a strong argument to provide a better solution, in the form of improved technology and more accuracy at a lower cost.

  • Our Focus

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    Road Safety

    • Road / Railroad Crossing Control Equipment
    • VIP & Emergency Vehicle Preemption Systems
    • Bus & LRT Priority Systems
    • Intelligent Pedestrian Crossing Solutions
    • School Zone Traffic Safety Solutions
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    Traffic Signals & Urban Traffic Control (UTC) Systems

    • Signal Analysis & Design
    • Traffic Signal Installation
    • Design, Installation, & Operation of Complete Urban Traffic Control Systems
    • Maintenance & Operation of Traffic Signals and UTC Systems
    • Traffic Signal Controllers
    • Traffic Signal Heads
    • Vehicle & Pedestrian Detectors (in & above ground)
    • Traffic Signal Poles & Gantries
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    Law Enforcement Systems

    Traffic Technology

    • Average Speed Enforcement
    • Red Light Enforcement
    • Speed Enforcement 
    Tolls and Vehicle Identification
    • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
    • Toll Collection and Enforcement 
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    Thermal Sensors for Traffic Applications
    • Sun Glare
    • Headlights
    • See Through Shadows
    • Long-Range Night Viewing
    Vehicle, Pedestrian & Bicycle Presence Sensors
    • Integrated Video Sensors - All-In-One Solution
    • Traffic Control
    Detection Boards
    • Traffic data for statistical processing
    • Incident related data
    • Presence data
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    Parking Management and Guidance Systems

    Automated Parking System or APS

    • Technical Parking System
    • Robotic Parking System
    • Automatic Parking
    • Ticket Parking Revenue
    • Card Parking Revenue System

    • AutoPay Parking System

    • Active RFID parking System

  • Solutions

    How it Works


    Identify Problem

    Working with clients whether from the private or public sector to identify current issues.


    Develop an Integrated Solution

    Working with our clients to be able to address problems, while working with partners to form a comprehensive solution by merging partner's products and services together.


    Delivery of Solution

    We'll then be able to deliver the solutions to clients, while being able to assist in different ways, including training, troubleshooting and maintenance.